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“For something so artificially intelligent, it has a funny way of reading the room.”

A gripping, dark-comedy that explores the hilarious and disturbing consequences of our society’s increasing trust in Artificial Intelligence. 


Three couples allow an AI relationship therapy device into their homes in the hopes it can solve the pettiest of arguments and help them grapple the most complex, human issues. Divorce, jealousy, shenanigans, could AI be the key to domestic bliss?


Don’t miss this exclusive 2 week run starring Leslie Ash (Men Behaving Badly, Quadrophenia) and Tyger Drew-Honey (Outnumbered, Cuckoo)!


Contains strong language and sexual references. 


Instagram - @artificiallyyoursplay




Pippa - Leslie Ash

Martin - Paul Giddings

Lilah - Destiny Mayers

Ellie - Ella Jarvis

Noah - Jake Mavis

Ash - Aaron Thakar 

Agapē - Katherine Moran

Paulo - David Boyle

Director - Hannah McLeod 

Writer - Aaron Thakar

Producer - Ella Jarvis

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